graphite | watercolor | OIL | MIXED MEDIA

"Au Bon Vin de Touraine", 2016 watercolor on paper 7in x 5in"
Au Bon Vin de Touraine" is inspired by the historical towns of The Loire Valley, France.
"Adopted", 2014 graphite and colored pencil on paper 12in x 15in
"Adopted" is a drawing of a beagle who is trying to be adopted by a family of pigs. I chose to use pencil to draw the pigs to better detail the texture of the fur. The colored pencil highlights the beagle and its confusion.
"Belly Fat", 2016 graphite and colored pencil on paper 18in x 20in
"Belly Fat" draws inspiration from the disturbing and surreal personas of Cindy Sherman to provide insight into the minds of the many women who continue to struggle with their bodies.
"Cabane à Sucre", 2012 oil on canvas 10.5in x 13.5in
"Café du Monde", 2014 pastel on paper 7.5in x 9.5in
"Beanie Baby" and "Bengal Tiger", 2017 watercolor and ink on paper
"Canis lupus familiaris", 2016 charcoal on paper 11.5in x 17.5in
"Cup Noodles", 2016 graphite on paper 19in x 13in
"Flowers in a Vase", 2014 pastel on paper 8in x 11in
"Apples and Pears Still Life", 2013 oil on canvas 11in x 14in
"Contour Drawing of Grad B Toilets", 2016 graphite on paper 24in x 18in
"Jars" - 2016 oil on canvas 13in x 16in
The stained windows were created by spraying water, linseed oil, and WD-40 (penetrating oil and water-displacing spray). The hydrophobic nature of these components is what created the splotchy texture of the windows.
"Lo Smith", 2016 graphite on newsprint 18in x 24in | 15-second gesture drawing
"Man", 2016 graphite on paper 14in x 11in
"Read My Lips", 2016 oil on canvas 16in x 20in
"Self-Portrait" - 2016 ink on cardstock glued onto paper 27.5in x 42in
"Teapot Still Life", 2015 oil on canvas
"Woman", 2016 graphite on paper 14in x 11in
"Zero Gravity", 2013 graphite and watercolor on paper 10in x 8in