Jessica "Jeli" Li (she/her/hers) is a Los Angeles-based Chinese-American digital marketing creative who seeks opportunities to combine her passions for graphic design, social media, and brand development to leverage the voices of others. Her background in fine arts coupled with her recent education from the Media Arts + Practice undergraduate program at the University of California, School of Cinematic Arts allows her work to sit at the cusp of traditional design practice and cutting edge technology. Jeli enjoys creating high-impact graphics and brand identities that are fun, engaging, and playful, yet empower creative expression and societal progression.

Jeli was born and raised in Westchester, New York where she developed her love for fine arts. Her graphite self-portrait "Belly Fat" admitted her into the prestigious School of Cinematic Arts at the University of Southern California where she obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree in Media Arts + Practice in 2021 and expanded her traditional craft into today's digital sphere. As she tackled cutting-edge mediums such as 3D modeling, motion graphics, and web development while obtaining a marketing-focused minor in Communication Design, she discovered more and more mediums where she can uplift others through meaningful visual storytelling.

If you can't find Jeli designing away to some high-bpm retro-funk on Spotify, she is either in the kitchen manifesting an Asian-inspired breakfast toast or playing ultimate frisbee in sunny Southern California.

ME IRL (In Real Life)


Last Seen [12/07/21]:
Scarfing down Yup DDuk in Koreatown


Last Seen [11/15/21]:
Defeating ASU at D-1 College Regionals


Last Seen [04/17/22]:
Wildflower-hunting on Mt. Figueroa


  • My mom & my childhood cat
  • My dwindling rights as a woman who can bear children
  • The Star Wars franchise
  • The fact that AAPI Heritage Month should be celebrated every month
  • The unspoken infrequency at which adults actually see their optometrist/dentist/doctor
  • My fitness
  • How long I plan to continue enjoying working from home
  • Who is reading this